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Big Game Transporting

(Sitka Black-Tail)

2023 new regulation non- residents only allowed one deer.

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Swoboda Charters offers 7 to10-day big game hunting trips in some of Alaska's most secluded hunting grounds. As a Big Game Transporter Scott and the crew of the Allen Ray function as a remote floating lodge, providing top-class amenities. The Allen Ray is equip with 9 beds within 4 bunk rooms, 2 full bathrooms with toilet, sink and shower as well as a full galley equipped with stove, oven, fridge, microwave and sink. Allowing for top notch meals while on the high seas. (All hunts are non-Guided

Deer Hunting Trips: Services

Kodiak Island Deer Hunts

Sitka Black-tail Deer hunts start the 1st of October on Kodiak Island. Hunters will be Hunting the mountainous terrain of Kodiak Island, Hiking into bowls glassing for deer and finding points of interest over the weeklong hunt. Alaska resident Hunters are allowed up to 3 deer per person (Non- resident hunters are allowed 1 deer per person) and along with deer, hunters are allowed to target local waterfowl and fish in the area if a break from the mountain is needed.


What to Expect

The start of every trip begins with traveling to the hunting grounds while hunters settle into their bunk rooms and set up their ground zero for the week. Everyday will consist of a hot breakfast to start the day as hunters form a plan of attack for the days hunt. Field Pack lunches are prepared and given to each hunter before departing the boat once the hunters are ready they will board the skiff and be shuttled to their hunting location of choice. Once at the desired hunting location the hunters proceed with their hunt until ready to return to the Allen Ray or move to another hunting location. Once the hunters are done with their hunt they will radio back to the Allen Ray to be picked up once back aboard the Allen Ray dinner will be served and the rest of the night will consist of butchering deer, watching movies and reminiscing on the days activities.


Pricing Information


  • We will fit up to 6 hunters per trip.

  • $3,550.00 per person plus $210 Sales Tax

  • (Full boat charter) Pay for 5 passengers 6th passenger goes free $18,100 plus $210 sales tax


  • 5 days / 6 nights lodging on boat

  • All meals and nonalcoholic beverages

  • Vacuum sealer and bags

  • Fishing gear and tackle

  • Bedding

  • Handheld VHF radio

  • Strobe Light


  • Air fare to Kodiak, Island from your home location

  • Hunting and 7-day fishing license

  • Deer tags up to 3 (non-resident $300 per tag)

  • Duck Stamp (optional)

  • King Salmon stamp (optional)

  • 50Lbs. Wet lock boxes (available on boat at $20 apiece)

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Guns and Ammo

  • 3% charge on all credit card sales

  • 15% gratuity Collected before trip

  • Sales Tax



              2024 Dates

Sept. 29th - Oct.6th (BOOKED)

Oct. 8th - Oct.14th (6 spots open)

Oct. 16th - Oct. 22nd (BOOKED)

Oct. 24th - Oct. 30th (BOOKED)

Nov. 1st - Nov. 7th (BOOKED)

Nov. 9th - Nov. 15th (BOOKED)

Nov. 19th - 25th (BOOKED)

Nov. 27th - Dec. 3rd (BOOKED)

Dec. 5th - Dec. 11th (BOOKED)

             2025 Dates

Sept 30th - Oct.6th (BOOKED)

Oct. 8th - Oct.14th (BOOKED)

Oct. 16th - Oct.22nd (Booked)

Oct. 24th- Oct.30th (BOOKED)

Nov. 1st - Nov.7th (BOOKED)

Nov.9th - Nov.15th (BOOKED)

Nov.17th - Nov.23rd (BOOKED)

Nov.25th - Dec.1st (BOOKED)

Dec. 3rd - Dec.9th ( Booked))

            2026  Dates

Sept.30th - Oct. 6th (6 Spots Open)

Oct. 8th - Oct. 14th (6 Spots Open)

Oct. 16th - Oct. 22nd (6 Spots Open)

Oct. 24th - Oct. 30th (2 Spots open)

Nov. 1st - Nov. 7th (Booked)

Nov. 9th - Nov. 15th (BOOKED)

Nov. 17th - Nov. 23rd (6 Spots Open)

Nov. 25th - Dec. 1st (6 Spots Open)

Dec. 3rd - Dec. 9th (6 Spots Open)

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