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What Should I Bring For My Fishing Trip?

Things to bring on Fishing Trips:

  • (Day Charters) Food and Beverages cooler not required refrigerator available and ice.

  • Hat, sunglasses

  • Favorite lures

  • Camera

  • Thermals and long sleeve shirts

  • Light jacket and light rain gear

  • House shoes and plenty of socks

  • Personal sleeping bag if desired (comforter and pillow supplied)

  • Fly fishing poles and gear if desired

  • All fishing license and stamps

  • Sea sickness medicine

  • Alcoholic beverages if desired

  • Favorite movies or music

  • Shampoo and personal hygiene products

What Should I Bring On My Hunting Trip

  • Pack board/Back pack

  • GPS, flash light, drag rope

  • Warm clothing, thermals, gloves

  • Rain gear, binoculars, range finder

  • Personal sleeping bag (optional)

  • Skinning knives and sharpener

  • Good hiking boots with good ankle support

  • Guns, ammo, Gun cleaning kit

  • Alcoholic beverages if desired

  • Spare boots, house shoes

  • Shot gun, ammo and Hip boots if duck hunting

  • All hunting license and stamps and tags needed

  • Drinking container for hunt

  • Personal hygiene products

  • Plenty of socks

  • Camera

Best Way To Book My Trip

Do to season limitations our openings can be limited. We recommend once interested in a trip to reach out either by phone or email and get in contact with us as soon as possible. We are more than willing to help you set up your dream trip. we can answer all of your questions regarding openings, seasons, licensing, etc. Once we have discussed your trip and planned out the perfect situation we can move forward and put a hold on the dates you chose. You will be able to contact us whenever to discuss anything about your trip to help plan for certain weather, special accommodations and anything in between.

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